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Take That

  • Live & Behind the Scenes Photography


Hermosa London

  • Fashion Photography


Atua Enkopp

  • Videographer



  • Event Photography & Videography


School of Dance Mortlake

  • Event Photography


Barnes Film Academy

  • Videography & Photography



  • Camera Assistant


CMV Action

  • Screen your Story Videography



  • Photographer & Videography


Hatch Events

  • Event Photography



- Fashion Videography

Plantation Shutters

- Product Photography

Barnes Film Festival

  • Festival Videographer & Photography


Zeta Tours

  • Website Photography


Space for Giants

 - Videographer



  • App photographer


Shelton Sharpe Quarry

  • Print Photographer


Oliva Carney Management

  • Headshot Photography


RedShift Strategy

  • Website Photography


European Nature Trust

  • Photography & Videography



  • Fashion Photographer


Tomoya Mizuno Music

- Press Shot Photographer


Fource CZ

- DJ Photographer


- Fashion Photography


Interlink Communications

  • On Set Photographer


Punchy Drinks

  • Brand Photography


Olly’s Olives

  • Brand Photography


Isle of Weight

  • Festival Photographer & Videography


Iago Music

- Press Shot Photographer



  • Videography & Photography


Exe Events

  • Event Photography



  • Product Photography


Hatch Events

  • Event Photography


Mahiki Kensington

  • Event Photography


Pure Essence Yoga

- Lifestyle Photography


- Fashion Photography

“Jamie worked for me on a recent photo shoot in Los Angeles. He is extremely professional at what he does and is a very gifted individual. His personality also helps him deal with people to get the best out of them"

Take That's Gary Barlow on Jamie's shoot in Los Angeles



Event Photography

Portait Photography

Wildlife Photography

Landscape Photography



Digital Storytelling:

Filmmaking for the Web

Barnes Film Academy:

Summer Course

Wildlife Heritage Foundation:

Photography Course


Photography Course


Harrodian Film Festival:


Wildlife Heritage Foundation:

Photography award winner

Marwell Photography Awards:


Harrodian Photography Prize:


“Extraordinarily professional and mature filmmaking. Even if this had only been an exercise in photography it would have been impressive. But it worked as a narrative too. Dramatic, tender, disturbing, informative. The interviews were strong, well shot, well selected and edited and often, moving. The message provided well-researched detail, which served as a warning, but also optimism as an incentive to engage. A remarkable achievement.

Oscar Award Winning Colin Firth on Jamie's film Last Chance

Alexandra Nash


He’s a very talented photographer! I gave Jamie creative license and I am happy to say he exceeded my expectations! Jamie’s talents are obvious. His professionalism is admirable, I am beyond impressed with Jamie.

Barnes Film Festival

Sam Cullis

I have always been incredibly impressed with his professionalism and his quality of work. As well as a consistent vision he has an incredibly creative eye capturing some unique and magical moments that could never be repeated.

Henry Latham

Zeta Tours

Working with Jamie was a pleasure.Very mature for his age, very professional to deal with and he came to the table with some excellent ideas. The photography he's done for our website has been invaluable in drawing new clients.

Kevin Crawley

Frederick Cameron

Fantastic during the photo shoot. He took on the vibe and direction effortlessly, adding a number of ideas and suggestions throughout. Jamie is great to work with and can be trusted to deliver. We wanted photos that capsulated the moment and what we got, was exactly what we wanted.

Anne Mullins

Screen your Story

 He is totally reliable, calm under pressure, hard working, professional and a pleasure to work with. BBC director Christopher Swann and Hollywood Director John Irvin would both have no hesitation in recommending him.

Ella Grace Denton


He is such a great guy to work with. He worked very much with me, always taking direction on board and whilst honing a clear style with his work personally, he was easy going and flexible when it came to what I was looking for from the shoot! Just a gem and would love work with him again.


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